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Osteo-Angels are those we’ve lost - waiting for new treatments. They inspire us and make us drive toward more clinical success. From ESPN Legend Tyler Trent to Daniel Garcia-Beech, their courage has brought needed light and attention to the fight against Osteosarcoma.

Daniel could light up a room with his smile. His karate sensei called him Mr. Smiley because he couldn’t stop smiling even when he was testing for his black belt. He loved sports and hanging out with friends. He was the captain of his basketball team. The boys liked him, the girls liked him, and the little kids in the neighborhood thought he was the bomb. Even his teachers liked him in spite of a distinctly mediocre academic record. He was a smiling, charming, thoughtful goofball.

At the age of 11, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his right fibula. Through two years of treatment, 15 surgeries, 20 rounds of high dose chemo, sepsis, over 130 nights in the hospital, a tortuous clinical trial, radiation, and more, he smiled, and smiled and smiled. He never gave up. But Daniel’s disease was not curable with the treatments available, and on August 28, 2016, Daniel died from osteosarcoma. He was 13 years old. This smiling, charming, happy kid was the toughest, bravest person you could ever met. It is in his honor that we continue our work to “Look for the light” to try to find new and better treatments for this disease.


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